Software Architect /
Senior Web Developer

(...who wants to be our CTO)


Rising New Ideas, an international startup based in Barcelona, is looking for a Senior Web Developer/ Software Architect with the ambition to become our CTO. You will be responsible for key technical decisions and the overall development of our application Risingtool.
Who are we? Rising New Ideas is a young startup founded by people with a creative background. We believe that technology should enable creativity as much as possible in a way that there is no need for technical knowledge to get the most out of todays technology. What do we do?
Risingtool aims to be an advanced application that makes it easy for graphic designers to create web content. A sort of Photoshop in the browser which makes it possible to precisely design each pixel and convert this into a website with just a simple click. Besides the ability to freely design within our app it is also our goal to provide a very easy way to add all kinds of interactivity and other web-based technology (features like: CMS, e-commerce, payment systems etc.).
Who are we looking for?
We are looking for an ambitious developer with an entrepreneurial spirit who is ready for a new challenge in his/her career. Somebody who likes to build up something from scratch and likes to go to the edge without loosing commercial interests out of sight. Somebody who likes to be surrounded by people of different backgrounds and who sees it as a challenge to bridge differences in order to achieve goals. Eventually the aim is, when there is a mutual fit, to be one of the business partners/owners (via a buy-in) and to become overall responsible for technology as a CTO.
What do we offer?
This is not a job offer but an oportunity to become part of our early stage startup with its application in Beta-phase. Although the base of our application is developed there are still a lot of important and big decisions to be made on a technical level. Also a technical strategy towards the future needs is to be further developed based on all technical implications and needs of our application. More than a salary in this phase we offer the option of having a considerable share in the company in which you will be the leading technical executive.
Profile we are looking for:
  • Dedicated professional with hands-on mentality and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Minimum of 8 years experience as developer
  • Minimum of 2 years experience managing a team
  • International focus and mindset
  • Preferably based in Barcelona
Desired skills:
  • Javascript high level
  • Experience with AngularJS (or similar front-end framework)
  • Experience with NodeJS (ExpressJS)
  • Experience with Test Driven Development
  • Experience with document-oriented-databases
  • Experience with Agile/SCRUM or similar methodology
  • Knowledge of Continuous Integration
  • Knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3

If you feel enthusiastic about the idea and the project, please contact